Director Message

Saif ullh

And just because you have colleges and universities doesn't mean you have education”. Malcolm X .

Higher Education Commission, Pakistan established Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in Islamabad and established Quality Enhancement Cell in the public and private institutes phase wise. QECs are responsible for all functions at the universities for the implementation of quality assurance / enhancement policies and programs.

The Quality enhancement & assurance in higher education is highly accountable and delicate job and is primarily concerned with development of standardized system, policies and procedures that will assist, Abbottabad UST to produce economically productive students capable of sustainable career growth, contributing to the society and behaving in a socially responsible manner in line with modern Islamic culture. QEC at Abbottabad UST (with a vision to promote, enhance and assure the quality of higher education) has been doing well in this respect and will continue as such.

The objectives of QEC would be accomplished only with teamwork and support of academic, nonacademic staff and program team members of QEC in consultation and with collaboration under the HEC/HED guidelines using appreciative Inquiry method and 4-D development model.

The development of Quality Assurance is a continuous process and therefore, continuity of Strategies, actions and efforts is a prerequisite for quality in higher education. Quality Assurance including its processes, procedures and outcomes of assessment is a challenge and its management is even a greater challenge to practitioners seeking workable guidelines, evidences of good practices and tools that will facilitate the process.

QEC at Abbottabad UST will endure to strive for international rankings through innovation, perfection and assurance of the policies, procedures and standard of education. Along with this we will also make efforts to institute external linkages for attaining alternative sources of assets for Abbottabad UST and for the students of Abbottabad UST through activating/mobilizing the Career Counseling, Alumni and Placement offices of Abbottabad UST.   


Dr. Saifullah Khan

Director QEC

Abbottabad UST